Jehovah Joshua by Rod Parsley

Just prior to the death of Moses, there was a changing of the guard. A new prophetic warrior was commissioned to take the children of Israel into the Promised Land. His name was Joshua, meaning, “Jehovah is salvation.” He fulfilled his purpose and led the Children of Israel into the land, but they never fully drove out their adversaries. Since the fall, man has been searching for peace and rest bearing the full weight of their sin, until an angel told a little virgin girl named, Mary, “You shall bear a son and call his name Jesus (Yeshua) Salvation!” His purpose was not to lead us into the Promised Land but into the land of promises! Now you can ask in the name of Jesus, in the name of Salvation, for whatever you need. For at that name, all power is given to set the helpless captive free! Every pain, disease and sickness must bow to that name and forevermore surrender! I am an overcomer! With Jesus, the Captain of my salvation, praying for me I will have freedom!

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