Luke 11:4 “And forgive us our sins:  for we also forgive everyone that is indebted to us.”
Yesterday, you considered the basis on which God forgives your sin.  The forgiveness God offers you is always available because the Word says He is faithful.  His forgiveness can always be appropriated, or received, as a legal transaction.  He is justified to grant you forgiveness.
You walk in the light of His forgiveness, knowing you are cleansed.  The burden of guilt is taken away. This is one of the greatest treasures of our redemption, forgiveness with no more guilt.  Remember the price paid for your forgiveness was Jesus death on the Cross.
You are forgiven, but there is another step you must take on your journey.  For some, this step may be the most difficult on your path with God. Jesus said, “(God) forgive us our sins for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.” (NI)  This is a crucial point that must be acknowledged.  If you are to embrace the forgiveness extended to you by Christ, you must also extend forgiveness to those that offend you.  It is the flip side of the same coin.  Please think about this, dear one.
Just as Christ died to pay your debt, in a sense, when you forgive someone, you will also lay down your life.  Not in a literal sense, but you give up your rights.  Yes, they harmed you and they were wrong.  But as you forgive and release them, you give up your right in that circumstance.  This is forgiveness.  But you also appropriate God’s grace to give you power to forgive.  Allow your Holy Father to work in your heart if you have difficulty here.  He will show you the way.
Accepting God’s forgiveness for your sins, and allowing Him to take away your guilt is very important to your walk with Christ.  
Granting forgiveness to others for their sins against you and those you love, is a very crucial place on the journey.
The Bridge
The Bridge is a crossing from one side to another.  As you leave the Valley you are preparing for a new path.  The only way to the new path is by way of the Bridge.  The Bridge represents leaving a place of self-interest and self-control, to cross over to a new way.  Across the Bridge you will find the path that leads to the special reaches of God’s Kingdom work.
The Bridge is the key to the pathway.  The Bridge represents the crossing you must make to leave the ‘self life’, to walk in the Spirit and to be led by the Spirit.
Only those willing to be led by His Spirit will cross over to go to greater heights.
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