Galatians 5:16,18,22 “Walk in the Spirit”  “Be led by the Spirit”  “The fruit of  the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.”

The Holy Father calls you to walk with Him on this new path led by His Spirit. 

From the moment you answered the call of God on your life, His Spirit has been drawing you to walk with Him.  However, the reality is that often you walk on a path of you own choosing and do not seek or accept His guidance.  But He continues to call you because He is your Father who loves you.

He wants to change you to be like Him, so you will follow Him into places and experiences you could not otherwise do.  Having the fruit of the Spirit is to be changed to be like Him. You have an old human nature and He says, “I will give you My nature.”

Think of it as character traits.  Everyone has certain characteristics that shape who they are as a person.  These make up your character, or personhood.  For most, your character includes aspects that are good and others not so good.  God desires to change your nature so you will be like Him.  The fruit of the Spirit is the character, or nature, of God being lived out in you.  It is God’s plan that the new nature, new character, will come to you naturally, like fruit growing naturally.

This character or fruit will only grow under the right conditions; walking in the Spirit, and being led by the Spirit.  Walking in the Spirit speaks of a long term relationship with His Spirit.  This will not happen overnight. Proper growth takes time. To be led by the Spirit speaks of a willingness to obey and agree with His Spirit.  God will not force Himself into your life; you must choose to agree with Him as He directs you.  As you maintain your relationship in a nourishing and healthy way, and obey His leading, fruit will grow naturally.  Your character will become like His character.

Look at the list called the fruit of the spirit.  Begin to pray for each of these characteristics to be manifested in your life.  Ask God to change you and build these into you.  Pray for them individually, pray specifically and allow God, over time, to develop each of these in you.

Ask God to grow His fruit in you.

The Highlands

The very name speaks of going up, going to a better place, a place where you see vistas unseen before.  The goal of your journey is to be found along the path to the Highlands.  The Highlands: that place where you see your Lord as never before and where you will experience His relationship in a fuller way, that place where He will work in you and through you to accomplish His Kingdom purpose:  “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” 

The Highlands path, the path of prayer as intercessor, is the real Kingdom building work.

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