Job 42:10 “And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends.”

Job experienced great loss of family and possessions.  He came to the place he was at a loss about what to say to God.  He had no more arguments to present.  He came before God repentant and empty handed.  He had nothing to give to God, only an awareness of how great God was.  He came to the place where he simply worshipped God.

In worship before God he then prayed for his friends.  He could do nothing, from a human viewpoint, for them.  These friends had spoken hard things, wrong things to Job, yet he held nothing against them.  He did the    one thing he could do; he prayed for them.

Scripture says the Lord turned his captivity and gave Job twice as much when he prayed for his friends.  Here is a very fine point that can easily be missed.  A casual reading might indicate God rewarded Job because he prayed for his friends.  This logic would seem to say, if you are in trouble you can pray for others and God will reward you because you prayed for someone.  This is not correct.

Look carefully to find the place of the intercessor.  You will see it in the first few verses of Job 42.  Job came to the end of himself.  He no longer thought so much of his own cares and needs.  Job also saw God for who He was; the Almighty, the Holy Father, and the One before whom he must worship.

With no regard for his needs, bowing in worship before his Sovereign God, Job could then see with new eyes the needs of his friends.  He prayed for them, he interceded for them before his Sovereign God, as he worshipped.

This is intercession.  This is critical if you will be used of God.  Learn the lesson of Job.

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