“The Truth about You” – Charles F. Stanley

“The Truth about You” – Charles F. Stanley

“Christ made us right with God; he made us pure and holy, and he freed us from sin.” – 1 Corinthians 1:30

Are you finding it difficult to overcome certain sins or destructive behaviors?  Part of the reason may be because you don’t fully understand all Jesus has done for you.  You must comprehend your position in Christ before your actions can change.

So take hold of this truth today:  at the cross, not only were your sins forgiven, but your nature changed.  You’re no longer a sinner; rather, you are now a saint who at times fails to seek God for your needs.  The difference is not only how the Lord perceives you but how you view yourself.

If you still see yourself as a sinful individual, then you’ll likely act like one.  But if you accept your identity as a completely new person in Christ, then you can behave as His blameless, beloved child.

Friend, God has given you a fresh start by going you a new nature and identity.  So embrace it and rid yourself of the sins that no longer hold you captive.

Lord, thank You for freeing me from sin.  Help me remember my position in You so that I may always glorify your holy name, amen.

In His presence…rejoice in your new identity.