“Stop, Look, Listen” – Charles F. Stanley

“My soul waits in silence for God only; from Him is my salvation.” – Psalm 62:1

Growing up, I recall hearing my first-grade teacher remind us repeatedly to stop, look, and listen before crossing railroad tracks.  That was before we had flashing red lights, warning bells, and those long arms that swing down and block entry onto the rails.

Of course her purpose for this caution was our safety.  But through the years, I’ve often pondered the wisdom of her words.  No doubt our impulse to hurry – rather than fully assess a situation – can harm us terribly.  We have to be careful because with every passing year, it seems life accelerates a bit more.

So when you’re in a rush, consider, “What am I missing by moving at such a pace?”  By rushing through life, you may forfeit the best of what God has for you – the blessing of His presence, godly friendships and a strong family, and – worst of all – His will.

Do not make that mistake.  Stop by waiting in His presence.  Look for His activity and leading.  And listen for His direction.

Lord, I will stop, look, and listen for Your instruction.  Thank You for keeping me safe and leading me to life at its very best, amen.

In His presence…wait for Him to lead you.