“Using Illness for Our Good” – Charles F. Stanley

“Hezekiah became mortally ill; and he prayed to the Lord, and the Lord spoke to him.” – 2 Chronicles 32:24

Persistent health issues can be disheartening.  They drain us physically and make us realize how limited we are.  However, we should not overlook the fact that sometimes God uses illness to get our attention and bring about self-examination.

Some years ago I experienced such an affliction.  I was in the hospital for several weeks, and during that time, God dealt with me in a wonderful way.  He used my malady to focus my attention on His voice and correct my thinking about several issues.  If He had answered prayers to heal me, I would have missed what He wanted to say to me.  But today, I give thanks for that season of infirmity because of how it increased my intimacy with Him.

Likewise, God cares about you – enough to use whatever is necessary to get you to listen to what He is saying.  He wants to give you guidance and help you succeed in His wonderful plans for your life.  So listen to Him.  Certainly He will heal you in ways you never imagined.

Lord, thank You for using all circumstances – even times of illness – to get my attention.  I know it’s because You love me and want what is best, amen.

In His presence…pay attention to Him.