: “Knowing God’s Voice” – Charles F. Stanley

“The follow him because they know his voice.” – John 10:4

Do you know how investigators are trained to recognized counterfeit money?  They diligently study the true currency – the real thing.  Then, when held against the standard, the counterfeit bills stand out.

Likewise, the best way to learn the Lord’s voice is by studying the words He declared to all generations – by reading the Holy Bible. 

There are several principles you can apply to what you’re hearing to gauge whether it is of God, but the most basic and most important is whether the message conflicts with Scripture.  The Father won’t tell you to do anything that counters what He already has recorded for all mankind.

Therefore, the vest way to know His voice is to get to know Him.  Spend time in His Word and immerse yourself in His truths.  Because as you do, you’ll be able to differentiate God’s direction from the messages the world, the enemy, or your flesh are sending you.  You will know His vice, and He will certainly lead you well.

Father God, thank You for Your Word and the guidance it gives me.  Impress it on my heart so that I will be able to discern your voice from all others, amen.

In His presence…study His Word and listen for His voice.