Flirting with trouble is more dangerous than you think

Flirting with trouble is more dangerous than you think

Read: Proverbs 5

Any one of us can become trapped by seduction. Sexual temptation isn’t something we fall for; it’s something we take steps toward over time.

We all have a real enemy who tries hard to sweet talk his way into our lives. Slowly and surely, like dripping honey, Satan tries to convince us that what he offers is better than what we have. He does his best to lure us into believing that the repercussions for sexual sin are not a big deal.

People have affairs all the time.

He/she will never know.

Who’s going to tell?

It’s only this once.

Giving in to seduction will lead to greater devastation than we ever imagined. When the father in Proverbs 5 warns his sons, “Do not go near the door,” he isn’t being extreme.  

Eventually, a series of small decisions can snowball us into a place we swore we’d never go. All sin begins with a single choice — a decision to believe that we’ll find greater freedom and satisfaction outside God’s boundaries and protection.

In describing the intimacy two people experience in marriage, the father reminds his sons that obedience is not a prison; it protects our true freedom.

Coveting what is not ours, what was never meant to be ours, leads to death, but gratitude leads to blessing and joy (Proverbs 5:18-19).

Our choices are a big deal. God knows our every thought and the depths of our hearts. He wants us to follow Him wholeheartedly, committed to His ways and truth. Leaning in, humbly listening to wisdom and correction is the first step away from utter ruin and into the whole and satisfying life God has planned for each of us.


·       Is there any area of your life where you may be too “near the door,” one step away from making a choice that will lead to entanglement and ruin?

·       What can you do today to put distance between yourself and the temptation you’re facing?



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6 August 2018