You Have a New Address

You Have a New Address

Read: Colossians 1:17-23

Have you ever felt dominated by something? Like it’s ruling your life? Maybe every fall you refuse to schedule anything on Saturdays so that you can watch your favorite college football team play. Or maybe you’ve said that if you don’t get at least two cups of coffee in the morning everyone should watch out. Sometimes, things can take control of our life without us consciously deciding to submit. Sometimes, it’s more serious than college football or caffeine. Sometimes it’s sin.

All of us have sinned. Do you ever feel controlled by your sin? Like you can’t get out from it? Like you don’t have a choice in doing it? Or like the guilt that you feel from it will never leave you? You aren’t alone. We have all felt that way, and in Colossians, Paul writes about Christ’s answer to that.

Paul says that Christ, who has given us redemption and forgiveness of our sins, has rescued us from sin’s control over us. He says that Christ has brought us into His Kingdom, under His protection.

Because of Christ’s rescue, we no longer have to feel the weight of sin’s dominion over us. We don’t live in the kingdom of sin anymore. We live in the Kingdom of God!


·       The only way to have our hearts changed to be more like God’s is if we’re honest with Him about what we struggle with. What do you feel like has control over you?

·       What’s one way that you can thank God for rescuing you from sin today?

·       In Mark 5:19, Jesus says “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” In what way (and with whom), can you share your story with today?

If you’d like to read more about how Christ has freed us from sin, just check out Romans 6.