“Unusual Circumstances” – Charles F. Stanley

“Unusual Circumstances” – Charles F. Stanley

“He looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.” – Exodus 3:2

This story of Moses shows how God got the attention of a strong-willed man who needed to be broken.  Moses had seen lots of fires and burning foliage, but he had never seen a bush that blazed and was not consumed.  It was when he stopped his plans to investigate the phenomenon more closely that God spoke to him.

The Father often uses unusual circumstances to get us to turn our eyes and hearts to Him.  There is no such thing as an accident in the life of a child of God, so we must learn to look for His presence in every situation that arises.

Job loss, illness, bills paid anonymously, even unexpected emergencies are not surprises to Him.  The Father knows exactly what it takes to get our attention.  And often it is through highly unusual circumstances that we will finally stand back and take note of what He is doing in our lives.

Lord, help me see all the circumstances that arise in a new light.  Make my heart open to what you’re trying to do in my life for my good.

In His presence…look for Him in every circumstance.