“Conquering Your Fears” – Charles F. Stanley

“Conquering Your Fears” – Charles F. Stanley

“I sought the Lord, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.” – Psalm 34:4

Anxiety can grip you at any time – it may arise from your situation, or it could be a spiritual attack from the enemy.  Regardless of where it originates, it’s absolutely crucial that when you’re frightened, you go directly to the Father for help.

Ask God to identify the fear and bring it to the surface so you can confess its presence.  Allow Him to expose its root cause.  For example, an apprehension about the dark may be linked to feeling of abandonment.  Therefore, as Him to show you what is causing you to respond in the way you do.

Also, trust the Lord to help you conquer your fear – don’t just accept it.  Anxiety keeps you from becoming all God desires you to be, so he’s committed to rooting it out.  Therefore walk with confidence in His healing.

Finally, face your fear by hiding Scripture in your heart and acknowledging the Lord’s presence with you at all times.  He is with you wherever you go; so trust Him to help protect, and provide for you every stop of the way.

Lord, help me identify any fear that resides within me and face it with Your strength and power, amen.

In His presence...live free of fear.